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Welcome on Fashion Monster official website!

Fashion Monster is an original webcomic I’ve developed through years.
Daimos and Melissa have been with me for many years, 14 to be picky, but I’m able to work on a story for them just by now!
My idea is to create a comic that could remember those old fun mangas of authors like Rumiko Takahashi, Akira Toriyama and many others…Also, I really love comics with monsters and yokai!

*Update on Friday: But it may vary, I could post more than one page per week sometimes! In that case I will post on Wednesday also!
This is not my main project, I work as comic artist and freelance artist but Fashion Monster actually isn’t something I can do all the time. But I also want you to be able to read this comic for free!
That’s why you can support me on my patreon!

I hope you’ll have fun!


To Walter Baiamonte who’s always supporting me in many many ways, I’m drawing this comics because of your unlimited support on my work and my-self. Take your responsibilities!
To Eleonora BruniĀ  and Diana Mercolini who are always listening to my brainstormings and ideas, helping me fixing them.
To Laura Guglielmo for her corrections on my poor english.
To Silvia Tidei who gave birth to Daimos and Melissa with me, it has been a nice time.